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NEW: Designvariants „Moonlight Campsite“ and „Cherry Blossom“

Everything new in spring! In line with the current season, two new design variants for our Modules are now available in the shop.

The sounds of the sea fill the scenery, seagulls take their last laps of the day 'round the rocks, while the cozy warmth of an extinguished campfire is still in the air. After an almost perfect day of surfing on the beloved board we are now spending the night in our campervan on the edge of the cliffs. Somewhere on the coast of southern Portugal... Imaginary pictures and past experiences like this have been both, desire and inspiration for the first of our two new Module front decors – 'Moonlight Campsite'.
However, if you love flowers and literally want to get the smell of spring into your camper, we'd like to recommend the happy blossoms of our second new design variant - 'Cherry Blossom'. In its traditional Japanese home, the cherry blossom represents beauty and a new start. A real hit for the freedom loving camper enthusiast.