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NEW: Design 'Hannibelle Hills' and Bamboo Fronts

After the positive feedback to our Limited Edition, Design and Bamboo Fronts are now available permanently in a modified form.

All 25 Module Systems of the limited 'MAXXCAMP x Hannibelle' edition are now on the road in 25 different camper vans.
Due to the enormously positive response, we decided to continue to offer selected components of the Limited Edition Modules - Design and Bamboo Fronts - in a modified form. Now the Design 'Hannibelle Hills' enriches our optional decor variants for »MAX«, »COMPACT« or »MORITZ« with an elegant red camper van.
Also the Bamboo Fronts of the Limited Edition are here to stay; they can now be selected as separate option and thus offer the possibility to equip every version of the Vario- or CupboardModule with the high-quality real wood fronts ex works.