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New star on the camping-horizon: the T6.1

The new VW T6.1: already widely discussed among the camping community, we hereby also want to take position - from current cause and numerous inquiries - on the subject.

At this year's Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Germany, the successor to the VW T6, the T6.1, was officially unveiled. In addition to various 'cosmetic corrections' outside and new features in the cockpit, the model range and interior of the new T6 have also been changed; the California Beach - besides the Multivan still the ideal base for MAXXCAMPers - will be available in the variants 'Beach Camper' and 'Beach Tour'. Biggest difference between the models: the 'Tour' comes as standard with a second (deselectable) sliding door on the left, while the 'Camper' includes a so-called 'mini-kitchen' ex works.
The 'Beach Tour' corresponds to the previously known T6 in the living area largely, which means all of our current module systems should fit without restrictions.
The mini-kitchen built by Volkswagen in the model 'Beach Camper' - in fact, not more than a firmly installed one-flame cooker - hardly meets its name in our opinion and thus does not represent a real alternative to modular systems with their much more useful value. In the 'Beach Camper', we therefore see a need to adapt our existing modules and also some opportunities for creative new developments. Whether the standard camper approval of the vehicle is really beneficial, has to be checked in each case. But some disadvantages are present.
And if you are about to purchase a new vehicle: our recommendation is the 'Beach Tour', if possible with only one sliding door on the right and 2-seater rear bench, for the above mentioned reasons. Thus, you have all options...
As soon as the T6.1 is available, our team will immediately start developing new and adapted systems. We will inform you about the progress via newsletter or gladly advise you on request.
By the way: all our accessories should - according to current information status and therefore without any guarantee - be fully compatible with the VW T6.1.