About us - From campers for campers

Hello, we are MAXXCAMP.

MAXXCAMP develops and produces modular motorhome-systems. Based on the particularly suitable for daily use VW T5 & T6(.1)-Models California Beach and Multivan/Caravelle (recently also Marco Polo ACTIVITY and HORIZON by Mercedes-Benz) we offer Modules that can be build-in and -out of your vehicle in a minute.

We - a team of dedicated experts from different disciplines - have our home in Riedlingen, a small town on the edge of the Swabian Alb, Germany.

In 2008, we started to built and modify a T5 according to our own ideas in the domestic garage. It was particularly important for us to make the most of the VW Bus as a basic vehicle: whether it was to keep the biggest possible storage space for the passionate handyman, or the desire not to drive around all of the camping furniture 365 days a year - arguments for a removable system were easily found.

Quickly we received a very positive response to our development on vacation or among camper fans on the net. Therefore we continued to optimize and went into the first series production shortly after.

Today, the MAXXCAMP team has grown significantly and has its factory, sales area and showroom in the spacious premises of a former VW car dealership. Using materials such as modern composite or high-quality CPL material we manufacture everything ourselves or obtain from efficient suppliers directly on location. Therefore we see ourselves not only in the tradition of quality 'Made in Germany', but innovation 'Made in Swabia', which is also appreciated by our sales partners in other European countries as well as evidenced by the official certification of Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge.

As enthusiastic campers, we continuously test our products in practice and always have an open ear for constructive customer feedback. This synergy results in the proven innovative Module-Systems, while our numerous optional equipment is growing steadily.

Modern materials, elaborate technology and a sense for the small things: some call it pedantry, we call it the look for detail. Innovation is at the forefront.



Careful prototype development and subsequent production of new innovations
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