Cooking & Cooling:
Delicious from the camping kitchen

Cooker Mount for Cartridge Gas Cooker

The Cartridge Gas Cooker can now be removed from the VarioModule fast and easily without loosening one screw with our innovative Cooker Mount. Cooking outside is even more fun and your interior is protected from grease splatter and smell.

Of course the Gas Cooker can be used inside the Mount also, where it's safely fixed while driving.

And with the optional Cover everything is packed nicely.

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Sink Cover

The Sink Cover offers a clever and practical solution for a further uses of the sink. (built in in the VarioModule »COMPACT«, SmartModule »TOM« and MultiModule »FRITZ«).

Due to an easy magnetic fixing, the bowl transforms into an additional storage-space or area for placing hot pots and pans. Furthermore with the cover made of bamboo, you always have a chopping board with you.

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Refrigerator Floor-Fitting System

With the special Refrigerator Floor-Fitting System for the California Beach with 3-seater rear bench and the VW Multivan, the refrigerator 'Cooler C30' can now be secured on the floor behind the passenger's seat or in the rear compartment.

You may either use this system behind the right or left front seat, alternatively in the rear area of your vehicle.

With our AddOnModule »COMPACT« or the SideBox »JERRY« No. 2, this system is of course not required.

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Table Extension for VW camping table

Dishes, pots, glasses, bottles,... when enjoying a large menu, things can get crowded pretty quickly on the original VW camping table.

Our new Table Extension is here to help: just put the mount onto the table legs, clip in the board – and get an additional surface in a matter of seconds.

All MAXXCAMPers simply use the respective cover plate of the water supply compartment (for the VarioModule »COMPACT«) or the folded Volkswagen mini kitchen (SmartModule »TOM«) of their Module as a tabletop. A separate board for campers without MAXXCAMP Module system is also available of course.

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