Our dedicated team at MAXXCAMP has the clear mission to expand the individual usage potential of your VW T5 or T6(.1): Throughout the week, you may use your vehicle for your job or free time activities, taking advantage of the maximum loading space, on the weekend, you can transform your camper into a full campervan, all within the space of a few minutes. And this is how it works:

"Freedom – pure and simple.
Typical MAXXCAMP!"
Benefits of our Module-Systems:
Icon versatile

During the week: a van with maximum loading space. For the weekend or on holidays: a complete campervan. Your vehicle is always set up exactly the way you need it. Simply fix the Modules quickly on the existing floor rail systems. All done.

Icon individual

You decide what to take with you. Combine Modules and accessories according to your needs. With lots of different body, front and design variants for a personal touch.

Icon homelike

... but not a camping truck. The compact basic vehicle appears discreetly. The original bench and the existing table harmonize perfectly with the different Module-Systems. Set everything up for your sense of being.

Icon independent

At home on the road - with fresh water in a handy canister and mobile cooking station with cartridge gas and without continuous gas testing, with a cold drink from the refrigerator, fed with 12 or 230 V depending on availability. Optional solar systems provide solar power for even more freedom.

Icon solid

Quality is shown in the detail. All wood, metal and composite parts are accurately and precisely produced with modern machines. The Module-Bodies with durable surface are precisely screwed and glued. The fronts are varnished, scratch-resistant laminated and absolutely UV-stable.

Icon light

The Modules weigh between 20 and 30 kilos only. Easy to install or remove from one person. Doors, drawers and covers are made of high-strength yet very lightweight aluminum-PE composite material.

customers voices
"I've looked at a MAXXCAMP-vehicle and was convinced by the clean crafted Modules and Equipment. One can see that the systems are made by campers for campers, practical and with a lot of understanding for the essentials."
Michael B.
"Positive aspects: thoughtful details (for example using the cover of the Water Supply Unit as a table), concentration on the essentials, light weight, durability (so far;-)), rapid installation and removal [...] Thus we have plenty of everyday storage space, e.g. for our bikes." 
Florian G.

"You can tell MAXXCAMP has a big portion of experience, after some nice holiday days we are ready to move again in no time. All in all: sleeping indoors, living outside and always fast on the move."

Mechtild K.

"The MAXXCAMP-interior offers enough space for everything you need for a short trip, optimized for everyday camping. Keep up the good work!"

Manfred B.

"Pleased to report we completed fitting the »MAX«-Module and it looks great. Very impressed by the high quality of workmanship, fittings and design."

Ian P.

"Opposing to the Cali Comfortline the MAXXCAMP-System is minimalist but more flexible, safes space, weight and also inspection effort (gas, dirt in the watersystem, etc). This was a buying decision for me."

Michael J.

"I want to make you know we have already received our order. It got here last Friday. I have to say it is great, i am very happy with the product quality. Thank you for sending off so well packed. We will be in touch because i think we will make more buying!!"

José F.
Installation and fixing

The innovative concept is based on the current VW California Beach or Multivan / Caravelle (T5/T6/T6.1). We have chosen those vehicles consciously, because they offer many useful features as standard.

For example, we use the rail system on the floor in order to fit our furniture with anchors. Furthermore, the often already fitted two- or three-seater rear bench, which doubles as a bed, offers both perfect seat and sleeping comfort levels. At the same time it fulfills strict safety criteria.

Of course you can also fit any other VW camper with our Module System; in some cases modifications may be required, however.

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