Further questions? Here you will find some answers to the most frequent inquiries.


Which vehicles are suitable for the Modules?

Our Module system has been designed for the Volkswagen California Beach (T5 and T6). It fits in all models until production year 2010 and starting again from 2011.

Our VarioModule »COMPACT« and the MultiModules »FRITZ« have been specifically designed for the VW Multivan / Caravelle or California Beach fitted with a 3-seater rear bench. If you have an older model T5 (manufactured before 2011) please let us know when you place an order.

The MultiModules »FRITZ« and FlexiModule »WILLY« are also suitable for the Marco Polo ACTIVITY or HORIZON by Mercedes-Benz.

Is any work to the body of the vehicle required?

No, with the exception of drilling a little hole on the left rear side, your vehicle remains in its original state. This little hole is required for the fitting of the CupboardModule onto the wall and can be easily re-sealed with a supplied plastic lid.

All of the other Modules don't need processing on the vehicle body.

Can I use the 3-seater rear bench from my California Beach or Multivan/Caravelle?

We have specially designed our VarioModule »COMPACT« and the MultiModules »FRITZ« for vehicles fitted with the 3-seater rear bench.

However, in order to take full advantage of all options offered by our system, we recommend the 2-seater rear bench because the Modules »MAX« and »MORITZ« are specifically fitted for the width of this bench. You can purchase the original Volkwagen-Bench here in our Shop.

Should I choose the 2-seater or 3-seater rear bench when ordering a new vehicle?

If you are not fully committed to the third seat of the bench, we absolutely recommend the 2-seater rear bench. Reasons are:

  • The comfort is definitely higher, because only the 2-seater rear bench gives you a plane surface, together with our Bed Extension. The 3-seater rear bench is mainly meant to sit on, not sleep on it. It also has some gaps when turned down.
  • The handling of the 2-seater rear bench is much easier. With only one hand grip each you can turn down or slide it. This is much more complicated with the 3-seater bench.
  • The 2-seater rear bench has a big, fully extensible drawer beneath the seat. The 3-seater rear bench has however just three small boxes.
  • The length of the 2-seater bed surface is about 200 cm, the turned down 3-seater rear bench is only about 185 cm long.


Who fits the Modules and equipment into my vehicle?

We recommend collection of your Modules at our sales office and, if required, we will fully fit the whole system. At the same time you will of course receive a detailed induction into the system and its usage.

However, you can also fit the Modules yourself. What you need to do: one-off fitting and positioning of the floor anchors into the rail system as well as a special screw nut toward the rear of your vehicle (for the CupboardModule »MORITZ« only). Fitting equipment like the Rear Roof Storage Compartment or the RearAreaCupboard »HENRY« is a little more complex but can be easily done with some practical skills.

The VarioModule »COMPACT« as well as the MultiModules »FRITZ« don't need a first installation.

Can I fit and remove the Modules alone?
If you are comfortable with the Module specified weights – no problem. We definitely recommend assistance from a second person. Once the Modules are inside your vehicle, you can easily position and secure them.
Can I purchase the Modules separately?

Because there are no functional connections (Water Supply, Gas) between the Modules »MAX« and »MORITZ«, you can purchase individual options and use them independently. However, to make the most of your vehicle’s options, we always recommend fitting of both Modules.

The MultiModules »FRITZ«, depending on your needs, can be used separately without any problems, while the VarioModule »COMPACT« and FlexiModule »WILLY« are made for single use on purpose.

Is it possible to test the Module Systems?

Just test the MAXXCAMP-System, that's possible. Together with different partners, we offer fully equipped VW vehicles (mostly California Beach) for rent. Whether you would like to test this 'alternative way' of travelling, or you may want to spend a great holiday. 

Our biggest partnership currently is with cali-camper.de. They offer a fleet of about 100 vehicles available to rent from different locations all over Germany. We also have some Cali-Camper vehicles available at our headquarter in Riedlingen, South of Germany.

The north of Germany can be explored with a Bullibü camper from Hamburg. 

And also abroad you can start with a MAXXCAMP companion: in Austria from Tyrol at Autohaus Schweiger / The Bullishow (from 2019). Alternatively, Switzerland is a potential starting point if you visit our distribution partner Autohaus von Känel near Bern. If you want to start your journey directly in Spain, Flamenco Campers is the place for you.

Ordering Process

How long is the delivery time for Modules?

Due to the large number of variants, we produce our Modules individually. Depending on the season, we sometimes have Modules on stock but we always recommend to request the current delivery time.

Also you'll be informed about the delivery time for your individual order in the order confirmation.

How does the ordering process work?

Ordering process for shipping orders

1. Create your personal MAXXCAMP customer account by using the link Customer-Login & Registration and follow the instructions of the registration process. After completing the registration you can log into your shop account by using your eMail and generated password.

2. Select your desired products in the webshop and place them in the shopping cart. Please also note the availability of the goods, which is displayed via the traffic light. Now the order can be sent and paid by PayPal Plus (= PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Debit) or later by Prepayment / Bank Transfer (see 5.).

3. Immediately after placing your order you will receive an automatically generated confirmation of order via eMail. This does not represent our order confirmation.

4. We check your order internally for technical correctness and whether it matches the vehicle you have specified.

5. After one to three working days you will receive our order confirmation by eMail. If you have selected the payment method Prepayment / Bank Transfer, the final amount can now be paid to our account (bank details on order confirmation).

6. As soon as we have registered the payment receipt and all items are on stock, we will send them by DHL or forward freighting to your delivery address. An invoice is enclosed with the delivery.


Additional, for collections at our headquaters Riedlingen Germany, especially valid for Modules:

7. After ordering, we will contact you regarding a collection or installation date on site in Riedlingen, Germany.

8. Pick up the goods at our headquarters in Riedlingen or have them directly installed into your vehicle from us. Payment on site is possible in cash or by Debit Card.

Can't find an answer on your question? No problem! Use the Contact form and ask everything you'd like to know about our system and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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