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The days of expensive electricity from camping sites and concerns about electric self-sufficiency are over: With the help of our Photovoltaic Systems for your VW T5/T6(.1) you'll become really independent and don't have to bother about the status of your batteries

With a combination of various Solar Modules and the smart Solar Box with its charging regulation and solar computer, we offer a system which enables you to arrange facilities according to your individual needs.

Foldable Solar Module

With the Foldable Solar Module that gives you 110 Wp, we offer a compact solution. When you have reached your campsite and want to produce electricity with sunlight, you just have to place the Solar Module where it gets the most light.

You'll also get a 5 m cable for the Module, so you can place it a bit further away from the vehicle. It can be leaning against the trunk of a tree, just lie on the grass, or you can put it up behind the windscreen.

In order to optimize the amount of solar power, you can check and change the angle to the sun every now and then. Once you've finished using the Module, you just fold it up into the integrated bag and stow it away almost anywhere in the vehicle, thanks to its small packing size.

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Hightech Solar Module

As an alternative we offer you an ultra-flat Solar Module. This hightech component enables you to produce electricity, while the vehicle is parked anywhere.

With an optional Roof Mounting System, fixed to the Pop-Up Top, this Module becomes the perfect companion if you want to produce electricity with great efficiency and, above all, for greater amounts of time.

Imagine the following situation: You are set up nicely in the shade, the elevating roof is up but the steep side points away from the sun. You can't or don't wish to turn the vehicle around to arrange it towards the sun: No problem at all. All you have to do is take the Module from the roof mount and connect it via the Extension Cable and get a 5 m range to find the place for best efficiency of the Solar Module.

If you don' t want to use the Roof Mounting System you can always put up the Module where it works best. It is as easy to handle as the Foldable Module. By the way, we have provided the Module on the roof with an anti-theft protection to make sure only authorized people take it off the roof. Roof Mount and Module increase the total height of the vehicle by only a few millimeters.

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Solar Box

The Solar Box is an absolute must if you use the Hightech Solar Module. The solar charge control, which is integrated in the Solar Box and equipped with an optimal MMP tracking algorithm, (a technology which can use the maximum available output of the solar Module), is capable of supplying the on-board battery as well as the starter battery with electricity. This controls the batteries and, depending on their status, recharges them according to their specifications.

The integrated solar computer has an easy-to-read display and indicates momentary charging power, battery voltage and, in a bar chart, the current solar output in watts, which is important for the best adjustment of the Solar Module. It also counts the gained Ampere and Watt hours and comes with a button to reset the system to zero and start anew.

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Automatic Battery Charger

At some time the strongest battery may be empty and you need some power-supply from outside: When you supply your vehicle with external power, you can recharge the secondary battery in your T5/T6 with the Automatic Battery Charger.

The automatic 8-step-charger gives solutions to a number of battery-problems. It offers functions such as battery-diagnose that shows if the battery can take and hold onto a charge, a special recondition-function to restore 'nearly dead' batteries, a unique maintenance function and a lot more. The easy readable display allows you to follow the whole charging-process.

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230 Volt Power Supply Electro Kit

For the external power supply to your vehicle we offer a complete 230 Volt Power Supply Electro Kit.

This kit provides energy via motor compartment for our Modules, its 230 V outlet and (possibly) refrigerator. Safety comes first due to an integrated F1 fuse switch, external power supply indicator and an additional monitoring system.

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