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Mosquito Net for the Sliding Door

If your favorite vaction-spot gets invaded by mosquitos every evening the holiday can turn into a nightmare pretty quick. The fast mountable Mosquito Nets by MAXXCAMP offer you some peace at least inside the car.

The Mosquito Net for the Sliding Door can be fixed magnetically on the autobody when open and thus offers a good entrance to the vehicle.

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Mosquito Net for the Trunk Lid

Just like the Net for the Sliding Door the Mosquito Net for the Trunk Lid is mountable easy and fast through a magnetic fixation and partly secured through some hook-and-loop-spots.

To give you access to your luggage the middle part of the Net for the trunk lid can be rolled up and attached there.

And another great feature: when sliding door or trunk lid are closed the Nets can remain mounted smoothly.

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Mosquito Net for the Sliding Window

The Mosquito Net for the Sliding Window can be integrated easily and doesn't need any additional space when not in use. In case of need it can be pushed forward and thus offers a reliable protection against mosquitos.

It also gives you a little peace of mind when the window remains open at night and it fits on the sliding door too, if there's a sliding window present.

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IsoSet Blinds for the Driver's Cab

No matter which model of the T-series, campers have always enjoyed an excellent panoramic view from their cab. However, the large windows invite nosy eyes and heat up quickly with appropriate sunlight.

The 3-part darkening- and isolation-system 'IsoSet' for the driver's cab made of quilted Isomaterial with layered insulation provides reliably pleasant temperatures (advantage over the standard blinds!) and darkness. Through a fast magnetic fixation on the autobody the blinds are mounted in no time and packed nicely in a handy bag when not in use.

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PS: the IsoSet is also available in a 'Premium-Version'.

Velour Carpet for Living Area

The robust, anthracite Velour Carpet for the Living Area fits right in with the »COMPACT« Module combination, but is also suitable with »TOM« and »JERRY«.

The main advantage is the fact that you can still move your rear bench forward and backwards without having to remove the carpet. Due to the special gaps for the floor rails, the bench just slides over.

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Awnings Light

The via remote control continuously dimmable (from bright reading / working light to a cozy candle ambience) Awnings Light has a very low power consumption of only 20 to 990 mA. The LED strip itself remains on the retracted awning, only the magnetic and Hook-and-loop-tape fixed cable entry has to be removed in a few simple steps.

Of course, for easy retrofitting on all original VW awnings and as always with MAXXCAMP: a very detailed installation and operation manual is included.

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