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Bed Extension

If you would like to transform your rear bench into a functional bed, we offer you the perfect option. The Bed Extension (plus fitting Mattress Pad) can be folded up or down (two-directional) and offers you easy access to your luggage below the bed, even once fully loaded, and from inside your vehicle.

In two easy steps your Bed Extension can be fully removed. This allows you full loading capacity.

That’s what we call multifunctional: individual variability is much increased in comparison with the (multiflex)-board delivered as standard.

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Comfort Overlay

There are a couple of familiar problems with the lower bed surface, especially the seat: its a bit too hard for quiet sleep and the seatbelt-lock as well as the transition to the rear lying-area, needs to be bridged nicely. With our Comfort Overlay both problems are solved smartly. On the one hand you get a comfortable overlay made out of 25 mm thick cold foam, but it has enough firmness to bridge the above-mentioned unevenness. The anthracite-colored Comfort Overlay is covered with a breathable 3D-texture on the upper-side and has a slip resistant knob structure on its under-side.

And maybe the best thing about it: the Comfort Overlay can be folded easily for storage to an economical measurement with a light weight. Special topstitching seams allow easy handling, and all storage room remains accessible.

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The two-parted Ladder can be put together easily and its 5 rungs offer a comfortable way to get to the upper bed.

And with a full length of 143 cm its also practical outside of your vehicle. Thereby roof box or ski rack can be reached effortlessly.

And as always at MAXXCAMP the space-saving arrangement is a crucial aspect: when not in use it can be attached to the rear seaters bench with a belt.

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IsoSet Pop-Up Top Blinds 'Premium'

Starting around October, it can get quite cold at night in the upper camper floor: the cozy warmth of the auxiliary heating system easily escapes through the thin tent material and the coldness from outside may creep deep into the sleeping bag.

Matching the recently introduced IsoSet ‚Premium‘ for the driver’s cab, we offer this 4-part set, called IsoSet Pop-Up Top Blinds 'Premium‘. The two side parts of the breathable Light Tex material are simply attached to the existing eyelets of the tent bellows in the Pop-Up Top, while - thanks to adjustable support poles - the front and rear parts are also easily ‚clamped‘ and connected to the side parts via hook-and-loop.

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Bed Cover Sheet for Pop-Up Top

The Two-Part Bed Cover Sheet made of ultra-fine Jersey material is a perfect fit for the bed mattress in the Pop-Up Top and thus saves from the known cumbersome mounting of a commercial bed cloth.

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Console for Camping Toilet, PortaPotti & Cover

A Camping Toilet ('Thetford PortaPotti QUBE 335') can be easily integrated with our specially designed Console. This comes with a handle made from plastic-coated steel and can be easily anchored in the rail system of your vehicle.

With the optional padded Cover made from artificial leather, the Console can be either used as a practical little seat at the mini table or to relax your legs whilst sitting on the right front seat.

Here's another useful piece of information: the toilet can also be used once the bed is fully extended, for example during the night.

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Outdoor Shower

The Outdoor Shower is the perfect addition to the water supply system of our Modules (Vario- or SmartModule) or the original VW kitchen.

The highly flexible shower hose can be easily attached to the existing water tap (possibly with an additional Adapter). This allows you to get water from outside the campervan, to clean shoes etc. or take showers. The shower head comes with an integrated start-stop function.

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Clothesline for Awnings Rail

Have you ever had a vainly quest for nearby trees to span your clothesline? These times are over now!

Our three-rowed Clothesline is simply mounted in the Awnings Rail of the California and thus is always operational. Also your clothes are hung discretely on the bus and not across the entire camping ground.

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