Different types of vehicles as well as individual priorities on the road, require different Module Systems; Choose your new travel companion from our family of Modules and configure its inner life according to your needs.


The kitchenette for vehicles with 2-seater rear bench. With all the basics and many practical details.

more about »MAX«

The additional and consequent complement to the VarioModule »MAX« in the rear side of the vehicle.

Details of »MORITZ«

The little brother of »MAX«. Specially developed for the VW Multivan with 3-seater rear bench.


Flexible Modules for the VW Multivan/Caravelle and Beach with 3-seater rear bench, as well as Marco Polo by Mercedes-Benz.

To the »FRITZ«es

All-in-one: the most compact Module variant optimized for the California Beach.

»WILLY« wants in
… and this is how our Modules are built:

Illustrations show special equipment - Reserve technical changes

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