Different types of vehicles as well as individual priorities on the road, require different Module Systems; Choose your new travel companion from our family of Modules and configure its inner life according to your needs.

Vario- & AddOnModule

The variable kitchenette for vehicles with 2-seater or 3-seater rear bench. With all the basics and many practical details.


Our second big kitchen all-rounder. Integrates harmonically into the T6.1 Beach Camper with Volkswagen mini kitchen.

Top- & BaseModule

The additional and consequent complement to the »COMPACT«-combination or »TOM« in the rear side of the vehicle.


Flexible Modules for the VW Multivan/Caravelle and Beach with 3-seater rear bench, as well as Marco Polo by Mercedes-Benz.


All-in-one: the most compact Module variant optimized for the California Beach.

… and this is how our Modules are built:

Illustrations show special equipment - Reserve technical changes