Effective use of space

Rear Roof Storage Compartment

In the practical Rear Roof Storage Compartment made of plastic-coated aluminum, you can store various lighter items such as clothing, pillows, etc. By using elastic rubber cords, access to the luggage is very easy. In addition, to ensure optimum lighting conditions in the rear of the vehicle, two Touch-LED-Lights are integrated.

Through a flat design the (back-) view in your vehicle is not affected at all by this equipment. Also you can easily remove the Rear Roof Storage Compartment if necessary - that's MAXXCAMP modular.

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Net in the Pop-Up Top

Where to put newspapers or a flashlight when reading in the evening in the bed under the Pop-Up Top?

Now there's an ideal solution by MAXXCAMP: the completely configurated net has a surrounding elastic band and can be hung up in the four already existing loops in the Pop-Up Top. It doesn't get much easier than this!

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Stacker in the Pop-Up Top

It's late at night and you are just getting cozy in the upper camper bed, only to realize your favorite book and flashlight are still stored down in the vehicle... With the Stacker in the Pop-Up Top, there's no need to rush out of the sleeping bag anymore, because thanks to the additional storage space, all utensils are within reach.

And also, the sometimes troublesome jamming of the tent bellows in the blinds of the pop-up top is perfectly prevented by the Stacker, too.

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Go Box

The area under the Bed Extension can be used ideal with the practical Go Boxes. When not in usage they can be folded to a slight storage measurement of only about 30 mm height.

We offer the Go Box in Medium as well as in Large. In both versions two copies of the Go Box fit side by side beneath the Bed Extension.

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A Mini-Safe made of steel takes your most valuable goods and chattels discretely.

It can be inserted into the tray below the wastewater container of the VarioModule »COMPACT« and gets fixed together with mounting screw the of the Module.

The Safe has inside dimensions of 165 x 105 x 240 mm and is made out of solid 3 mm steel. A dual-bit lock with seven bolt keepers as well as a manganic hardened lock plate guarantee high safety.

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Luggage Net for Rear Bench

The Luggage Net is another way to get comfortable storing space in your vehicle.

With the Luggage Nets for the back of the 2-Seater Rear Bench (optimal fit in the opening of the Bench back) you can place and store all fitting travel goods easily. The flexible Net is fixed with two brackets left and right and wear 15 mm only.

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