It's the details that make the VW campervan an ideal motorhome. Whether for fans of independent and free camping or travelers that preferably head for camping grounds - with the practical accessories of our program, you're perfectly equipped everywhere. Explore options which will fit directly to the Modules and others that can be added at any later point in time.

At home on the road

The camper as a residence. Usually it's the simple things that increase comfort considerably. With the 'Living‘ products you are optimally equipped for every situation.

Sleeping & Washing:
Independent all the time

Campers love the free way of traveling. Whether Outdoor Shower, Comfort Overlay or Toilet - get yourself some independency and luxury into the van.

Cooking & Cooling
Delicious from the camping kitchen

If you prefer to spin the wooden spoon yourself, instead of visiting local restaurants all the time, 'Cooking & Cooling' in the camper are important topics.

Effective use of space

Storage space is always an issue when traveling – especially in a compact camper like our favorite Volkswagen. With the 'Storing‘ products every angle is used optimally.

Solutions for the mobile supply

Wether solar power or 230 volts: for travellers who prefer to head for camping grounds or go for the open country, different needs arise.