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NEW: MAXXCAMP-distributions for Spain and Belgium

We now have some new partners who’ll do the distribution of MAXXCAMP products in two more European countries on site.

In Belgium, MAXXCAMP products will be sold by the Garage van hoe in Ghent from now on. As a long-time MAXXCAMP customer they already have equipped a couple of T5/T6 with MAXXCAMP-Modules and brought them to Belgian roads. Accordingly competent is the van hoe team.
New distribution for Spain will be the camper rental Flamenco Campers. As a landlord of several MAXXCAMP buses, the Málagueños (which is the correct name for the inhabitants of the coastal region of Málaga) do also have a good amount of experience regarding our products. In addition, they are the ideal contact for all those interested in renting a camper and starting their ‚MAXXCAMP-trip‘ in the southern region of Spain.
More informations can be found here.