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NEW: IsoSet Pop-Up Top Blinds 'Premium'

Our latest product helps to expand the camping season inside the VW Camper to the whole year.

Starting around October, it can get quite cold at night in the upper camper floor: the cozy warmth of the auxiliary heating system easily escapes through the thin tent material and the coldness from outside may creep deep into the sleeping bag. Far more effective than an insulation of the Pop-Up Top from the outside (just think about packing a soaking wet ‚overcoat‘ after a rainy night), is an inside-isolation. Additionally to a better darkening effect and much easier installation, protection against wind and noise from outside are also advantages.
Matching the recently introduced IsoSet ‚Premium‘ for the driver’s cab, we now offer this 4-part set, called IsoSet Pop-Up Top Blinds 'Premium‘. The two side parts of the breathable Light Tex material are simply attached to the existing eyelets of the tent bellows in the Pop-Up Top, while - thanks to adjustable support poles - the front and rear parts are also easily ‚clamped‘ and connected to the side parts via hook-and-loop.   
The IsoSet Roof Blinds ‚Premium‘ can be ordered now at the MAXXCAMP shop, delivery will start around mid-March ’23.