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NEW: Rear Panel with Folding Table

The new Rear Panel for the VarioModule »COMPACT« is an ideal addition to vehicles with a second sliding door.

Getting in the vehicle through two doors and camping on the driver’s side — these valuable options are offered by campers with a second sliding door, such as the T6.1 Beach Tour. And that’s exactly where our new product, the Rear Panel with Folding Table, comes into play.
The Rear Panel offers two features:
1. It ‚closes‘ the back of the VarioModule »COMPACT«: this way, the rear of the Module is visually upgraded and also all cables in the direction of the electrical sockets, Water Supply System or refrigerator disappear behind the cover made of aluminium-PE-composite material.
2. Storage space & open air surface: a mini table with clever folding mechanism is integrated directly into the Rear Panel. All it takes is one touch for the table to unfold and collapse again. Cooking comfortably outside, while your kitchen helper does all the work at the VW table is now possible 😉. The Folding Table is complemented by an elastic luggage net which can be used to store smaller items.
The Rear Panel with Folding Table can now be ordered as a variant component for new VarioModules »COMPACT« through the Webshop.