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NEW: Rear Roof Storage Compartment

The in many details improved version 2.0 of our Rear Roof Storage Compartment is here.

The new Rear Roof Storage Compartment made of plastic-coated aluminum is now closed at the side and to the rear. This gives you more space in the rear area of your vehicle (32% more storage volume) for light items such as clothing, pillows and much more. Access to the luggage remains very easy by using the already proven rubber cords and through a flat design the (back) view is not affected at all.
In addition, version 2.0 of the Rear Roof Storage Compartment now comes with two Touch-LED-Lights to ensure optimum lighting conditions in the rear of the vehicle. Also new: You can now easily remove the Rear Roof Storage Compartment if necessary - that's MAXXCAMP modular.
The new version is again compatible with all T5 and T6 vehicles with Pop Top and available in our webshop.

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