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NEW: SmartModule »TOM« and SideBox »JERRY«

Proudly we introduce our latest Modules for the T6.1 Beach Camper with integrated VW mini kitchen.

Good things take time: with the power of german engineering we puzzled around for a couple of months and had to put off several interested parties again and again... But today the time has finally come! We proudly present the newest members of our Module family: SmartModule »TOM« and SideBox »JERRY«.
The heart of the Module combination designed for the T6.1 California Beach Camper with integrated Volkswagen mini kitchen and 2-seater rear bench is the SmartModule »TOM«. With »TOM« the foldable mini kitchen is expanded to include all important components such as an independent water supply system, plenty of storage space in various compartments and boxes, a flexible working surface and a variable power supply. Highlights such as a dimmable LED ambient lighting on the Module also have been considered. Everything optimally and ergonomically correctly positioned.
Optionally »TOM« goes together with »JERRY«. The so called SideBox »JERRY« is currently available in two versions: the SideBox »JERRY« No. 1 is equipped with additional storage space in a pullout and huge drawer. Alternatively, »JERRY« No. 2 offers space for a compressor refrigerator in a lockable drawer.
»TOM« and »JERRY« are perfectly suitable with the standard bed extension and rear storage box in the T6.1. Also, the two ‚newcomers‘ are possible together with our »MORITZ«-Modules in the rear area. As usual: the Modules can be combined according to your personal needs and are fully removable from the vehicle in a few minutes. And for a great look inside the campervan, SmartModule and the SideBoxes are available in all of our existing design variants and optionally with a bamboo front.
For the T6.1 California Beach Camper with a 3-seater bench, our FlexiModule »WILLY« is currently the way to go. A special Module variant for this vehicle/seat combination will be available at a later date, depending on demand.
Further informations on SmartModule and SideBox are available here. »TOM« and »JERRY« can be ordered now in our webshop and are available starting by the end of March 2021 according to order income.