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Update: MAXXCAMP-Modules for the VW T6.1

Our status update to the ongoing developments of MAXXCAMP-Modules for the VW T6.1.

After various delays in delivery of the basic vehicle, we were finally able to start implementing our paper- and screen-ideas in first prototypes in the past few weeks.
The focus of our current development work is on a completely new Modulesystem, which can be placed in the T6.1 California Beach Camper. In addition to the usual flexibility and versatility of all MAXXCAMP-Modules, our main goal is a homogeneously integration of the existing original 'Volkswagen Mini-Kitchen' into the overall concept. Of course, the upcoming Module will have every feature necessary for the 'good life' on the road: cooking, cooling, storage space, water supply and much more
Currently we are planning with a premiere of the new Module family member by the end of 2020 the latest. Further updates will be provided online and by Newsletter of course
At the same time, our CupboardModule combination - consisting of the Top- and BaseModule »MORITZ« - has already been adapted to the changed conditions of the new vehicle; both Modules can now be used with the original, double folding bed extension from VW
Also the electrical components (such as the Hightech Solar System, Automatic Battery Charger or the 230 Volt Power Supply Electro Kit) have already been adapted to the optimized on-board electronics of the T6.1 and approved by Volkswagen. Thus these options can be used without any restrictions in the latest T-model, too
PS: In the Beach Camper the FlexiModule »WILLY« can only be placed on the back of the passenger seat. The space behind the driver's seat is unfortunately too limited due to the large gas bottle leading to the existing 'Mini-Kitchen'.